We live in vastly changing times. Due to the COVID -19 Pandemic, more and more companies are choosing to allow their employees to work from home. What does this do to the employer landscape? It changes it completely. More large-scale companies are turning to scaling back their operations with smaller facilities in suburban environments and abandoning the high energy of larger cities.

In response, remote workers are already planning moves to smaller suburban areas to allow for more outdoor space, so they do not have to work indoors in a small apartment or simply rely on a very small outdoor balcony for exposure to the great outdoors. With more people moving to suburban homes, the need for high quality fencing is on the rise. A good quality, low maintenance fenced in garden area can add value to the property and also provides additional benefits as well.

Optimal Privacy
Having the option of conversing with your neighbors is what suburban living is all about. However, you do not want your neighbors to be able to simply meander into your garden area whenever they feel like. There is an old saying that rings true, “Good fences make for good neighbours.” This does not mean you do not enjoy your neighbours, but that you maintain a certain distance for ideal privacy. A quality built fence at your desired height will provide you with the privacy you need while still maintaining contact with your valuable neighbours.

Security at its Best
Security at your home is paramount. Whether it is just you or your entire family living in the home, you want to have optimal security. People invest in high end security systems every day, but if you neglect to provide a barrier around the home to keep potential thieves from gaining access to the home, you have really not secured anything. Open garden spaces located at the back of the property are often very inviting for thieves as they are least likely to be seen by neighbors in these dimly lit areas. A fence is just another way to keep intruders from accessing your garden area.

Pets and Children Can Have Freedom
Pets and small children are very different, but in a way, they are the same. Whether it is a dog, cat, or 3-year-old living at your home, if contained indoors too long, something is going to get broken or destroyed! Both pets and children can get bored always staying indoors, yet while working at home, it is not always possible to be outside watching their every move. A fenced garden space gives your pets and your children a place to play safely without the fear that they will walk out into the street or wander away. A fence gives you peace of mind on multiple avenues, so you can continue to focus on your work without distraction.

Easy Way to Decorate the Outdoor Space
Outdoor garden decorating is just as important as interior design on the inside of your home. On those beautifully sunny days, you will want to take advantage of your outdoor space and having the ability to decorate just makes it more inviting. Generally speaking, decorating your outdoor space will involve plants, paths, decking and grass throughout the area. However, a fence gives you not merely the ability to decorate the ground, but on the fence as well. A high quality fence can be a great place to hang colorful planters or install cool lighting effects to make your outdoor garden your true oasis.

And What if I Want to Sell?
Moving to a new home can be exciting, but just as the pandemic has changed life drastically for many employees, the landscape can change again at a moment’s notice. You may think that it is unnecessary to invest in fencing at this time since there is no telling how long you might be keeping your current residence. However, any improvements to your property you can make will only add resale value to the home. A fenced in garden space that offers privacy is a much desired feature for home buyers and can add anywhere from £5,000 to £10,000 onto your home’s value, so it is certainly worth investing in the right fence for your garden area.

What Fencing Option is Ideal?
Now that your interests have been peeked, let us introduce you to the fence you have been waiting for. Bison Composite Fencing provides you with the most beautiful and private fence on the market. It is easy to install and is comprised of a low maintenance composite material. Unlike wood fences, Bison Composite Fencing does not have to be stained and maintained every few years. Installation is easy and the system can be customized to allow for different heights and also feature gapping which can create windows to outer views, or light to come in. Let us prove to you that Bison Composite Fencing is the way to go for any home and outdoor garden space. Contact us and get the fence, along with all the amazing benefits, you have always wanted.

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